Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area
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Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area

I'm a guitar and bass guitar teacher near Penrith. I'm located at East Blaxland in the Lower Blue Mountains, 10 minutes by car from Penrith. I've been an avid guitar player since I started taking guitar lessons 30 years ago, and I taught my first guitar students a few years later.

I grew up in Blaxland in the Lower Blue Mountains, close to Penrith and Springwood. Then I lived in Sydney until the early 2000s when I returned to the Blue Mountains and Penrith area.

2019 Guitar Lessons

There are still a couple of places for 2018 available.

I'm fully booked and not taking on any new guitar or bass students at the moment.

For guitar lessons in the Mountains contact David Gray on 0412 596 989. His teaching studio is at Winmalee and he begins lessons in the first week of February 2019.

David has taught music professionally all his life including privately, in high schools as a music teacher, for the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, and many other places. He has bachelor and postgraduate qualifications and many grades in guitar and bass guitar.

David is one of the most qualified and experienced and best guitar teachers available anywhere (much more so than myself).

I'ill be taking on new guitar and bass guitar students again from the week beginning on the 27th of January. There are still a couple of evening places available, and also some times during the daytime. Let me know if you are interested, and we can arrange a time that is most suitable for you.

Welcome to

Have you ever dreamed of being a musician?

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

If you (or your child) have ever wanted to learn the guitar, take a deep breath, and start to relax... Now that you've found this site, your dreams can become reality.

I taught my first guitar students in the late 80s. Since then I've lost count of how many times people have told me that when I show them how to do things, I do it in a way that makes it really  easy to understand.

Start Playing Real Music IMMEDIATELY!

The best thing that I can say about myself is that I am not the regular guitar teacher you can find in any local newspaper ad. I am very energetic and I truly care about my students.

Private music lessons are like a treasure chest for unlocking a musician's full potential — by giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve (and often need). By pinpointing the exact needs of each and every one of my students, I am able to provide the most effective tuition available.

Right from the beginning, students discover that it is really possible for them to play (and improve at) the guitar or bass. Many students become much more interested in their instrument. Their newly developed abilities instill a sense of confidence with music that many have never experienced before in their entire lives.

If you have ever thought about taking up guitar, or wanted to improve your playing, there's no time to begin like now. There is a whole world of music out there waiting for you...

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

Why  Are  Private  Guitar and Bass Lessons  So Effective?

Private one-on-one guitar and/or bass guitar lessons can make it so much easier to learn and improve on an instrument. Nothing beats the individual attention that private lessons provide.

Personalized Attention

My guitar lessons range from 30-minutes to an hour and are 100% focused on the student. I work one-on-one with each student providing them with the personalised attention they need to succeed. If they have a question, or are struggling with a concept related to their instrument they can feel comfortable asking the instructor and knowing they are going to get an answer and get through whatever they are struggling with.

You Set the Pace

It is very important to allow our students to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. While we do push our students to do their best, and practice everyday, we make sure that they are grasping each concept as we go and we never move forward when a student is left behind or struggling with a concept.

Progress Rate

The progress rate of students who take private guitar or bass guitar lessons, compared to those who learn on their own or in a group setting, is astounding.

Once again, nothing beats the individual attention that private lessons provide.

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  


East Blaxland is close to the Lower Blue Mountains suburbs of Blaxland (1.0km), Mt Riverview (1.7km), Glenbrook (2.4km), Lapstone (3.4km), Warrimoo (3.1km), Valley Heights (5.7km), Springwood (7.7km), Winmalee (8.5km), Faulconbridge (9.4km), Yellow Rock (11km), Linden (11.3km), Woodford (13.1km), Hazelbrook (15.9km), Lawson (17.9km), Bullaburra (19.1km), Wentworth Falls (23.1km), Leura (27km) and Katoomba (28.8km).

In the other direction, I am close to Emu Heights (2.5km), Emu Plains (3.1km), Leonay (5.0km), Penrith (6.7km), Glenmore Park (8.0km), Cranebrook (9.0km), Kingswood (9.5km), Castlereagh (10.1km), St Marys (14.4km) and many of the other satellite suburbs of Penrith.

While most of my students live between Penrith and Springwood, I've had guitar students come from as far as Lithgow (52 km away) to see me, although there are other guitar tutors much closer to the Upper Blue Mountains and Western NSW regions. People come to me because they like my guitar lessons.


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More Information

If you live in the Penrith or Lower Blue Mountains area and would like more information on guitar lessons at Blaxland (in the Lower Blue Mountains) please contact me on 0414 663 060 or use the contact form on this website.

Happy guitar playing,

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