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About Me

I'm a guitar teacher located at East Blaxland in the Lower Blue Mountains, 10 minutes by car from Penrith. I teach private lessons Monday through Friday from about 11am to 8pm.

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

Guitar Lessons

During your first lesson, we'll talk about the music you like. Then I'll design a course of study that will teach you the fundamentals of guitar playing by teaching you how to play your favorite music. You'll learn the basics of music theory and practice along with the songs and music that you love.

My Teaching Philosophy

I like to approach teaching my students on an individual needs basis. As all students have different strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, following a fixed curriculum too strictly often only limits what is possible.

What I ask for in a student is someone who is interested in music and is willing to try and take steps to better express themselves on their instrument, no matter what level of musicianship they hold.

I instruct my students with patience and sensitivity, aware of each one's individual learning style and goals. Through their study of guitar or bass I hope to help them discover their own strengths and talents.

The ultimate goal for me is in seeing my students feel good about themselves for having accomplished their greatest potentials, so that they can continue on to pursue music as their lifelong hobby or their career — whatever they may want to do with their music.

How I Learned Guitar

In this photo I'm about 4 years old, and I was practicing some moves so I could join the Beatles. Unfortunately, my ukelele came to an untimely end and it was a few more years before I seriously took up the guitar.

  Guitar is Fun - Guitar Lessons for Penrith and the Lower Blue Mountains  

I started learning the guitar by taking lessons in classical guitar. When I began I knew very little. I could vaguely remember my cousin teaching me how to play a "C" chord, but that was it. I was only young and I didn't know what most of the different styles were or even what style I was learning. I just went to the guitar teacher and practiced what he taught me.

Before too much longer, I learned that classical guitar is a distinct style in its own right. As the name kind of hints at, classical guitar is a type of classical music — which is usually played either solo or backed up by an orchestra.

Moving On

After having learnt the basics, I went on from there to devour every modern (i.e. rock) guitar book that was sold at my local music shops that I could afford. I was fortunate that I was able to learn well from books, and I was always eager to try out my latest guitar skills by jamming with anyone I could find.

At school it's pretty easy to find other people to play music with, so I was always hanging around the music rooms, going to any after-school guitar classes that were on, and so on. I was the kind of kid who would draw pictures of guitars on the front of all of my school subject folders (or anywhere).

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

I was younger then, and it looks a lot like my Mum still cut my hair. I think she was still hoping for me to get accepted as a member of the Beatles. If only there had been "Beauty and the Geek" in those days, so I could have had my image professionally transformed. Actually in 2011 the producers of the TV show contacted me to ask about appearing on the show — but I'm over the cutoff age of 30 so, sadly, I had to decline.

I stuck fretboard diagrams with notes and scales over my walls. I bought a tiny guitar (not much bigger than a ukulele, but it was a real guitar with six strings) to school and carried it around with me. Together with a friend I made a pretend "fretboard" out of a bit of wood, nails bent across it for frets, and six fishing lines going the other way for the strings. It was small, easy to carry, easy to hide, and was used to practice scales under the desk while sitting in class (or anywhere).


Before too much longer, people started asking me to teach them. Most of these students just found me, I never looked for them. I also taught at The Leading Note, a music school in Leura in the Blue Mountains for a while. I've taught many students, from complete beginners to advanced students who have been playing for most of their lives.

  Guitar Lessons for the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

My Education

BSc (hons) in Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University, Sydney, 1998. Graduated with 1st class honours. Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Northside Business Education Centre, Chatswood, 2001.

I started playing guitar in 1984, and I first taught guitar in 1988. I've also tutored and/or taught classes in several other subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy, at university and high school level. This background has given me plenty of experience in understanding how people learn, what they get stuck on, and what motivates them.

An Investment

If you learn guitar, it's something that you'll have for all of your life. If you love guitar, it will always be there for you. Even if you haven't played for a while, it's something that you can pick up any time and start again from where you left off.

Or, if your music tastes have changed, you'll be surprised how easy it is to pick up again and learn new types of songs. Like riding a bicycle, once you learn the basics of guitar, it's something that you never forget.


Imagine how it would feel as you discover how easy it is to be good at the guitar.

  Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains Area  

More Information

If you live in the Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains area and would like more information on guitar lessons at Blaxland (in the Lower Blue Mountains, 10 minutes by car from Penrith) please contact me on 0414 663 060 or use the contact form on this website.

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